Saturday, January 22, 2011


Often times I've been asked to replace a zipper in a jacket or pair of jeans and, as it isn't as hard as all that, I do so graciously.  Something that strikes me is how quickly people will toss out a piece of clothing rather than take a moment or so to mend it so as to be able to wear it again.  As I take out a zipper in order to replace it with a new one, I see the correlation between said task and that of mending a friendship that is broken.  How quickly we toss away a friendship because of something that was said or done, mind you with no malicious intent, rather than take a moment to repair it.  Don't forget, everyone's favorite pair of jeans has many thin threads and patches that hold them together yet it is the one pair we all go back to time and time again-just like a best friend, you can always count on them to make you feel comfortable.